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28 April 2017

Winning the competition. The construction objects of General Directorate Centre became winners and Nominees of Сommercial Real Estate Awards

Two objects of General Directorate Centre, that were put into operation in 2016, have received awards of the annual professional award in the field of commercial real estate  - Сommercial Real Estate Awards:

• Krasina III Business center - WINNER in the nomination «Business Center – Class A»
• Shopping center «Metropolis Prodolzheniye» - WINNER in the nomination «Midsize shopping center»

Arena CSKA buniness center became a NOMINEE in the nomination «Business Center  - Class B»

CRE AWARDS was initiated in 2003 by business community in the construction industry. Since then, it has already established itself as the most important and prestigious event in the commercial real estate industry. The leading experts and specialists, with many years of work experience and extensive knowledge in the industry, select and evaluate real estate objects that meet all the modern requirements for construction and development.

Professional community treats the victory in the event as an important achievement, which promotes the image of a winning company at the local and international level.
We congratulate all the employees of General Directorate Centre, who participated in these projects.

The awarding ceremony for the winners will be held on June 29, 2017 in Moscow.