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05 October 2015

New project - Southern Belt Road. Section from Balaklavsky pr. To Proletarsky pr.

On September 28, 2015 General Directorate Centre has concluded a contract with Department of construction of Moscow City for managing of constructionworks for the project «Southern Belt Road. Section from Balaklavsky Pr. To Proletarsky Pr.» (2nd stage), located in districts Moskvorechye-Saburovo, Nagorny, Tsaritsyno, Chertanovo-Severnoye, Southern Administrative district of Moscow».

Southern Belt Road is a speed highway, that will go from the Moscow Beltway (MKAD) through Rublevskoye highway, Balaklavsky prospect, Varshavskoye highway and Kantemirovskaya Street (near Proletarsky prospect) towards Kashirskoye highway and further to Borisovskiye Prudy street. The new intradistrict road will provide a diagonal link between the Western, Southern, and South-Eastern parts of the city and reduce traffic congestion for several outbound routes.

The project provides:

- construction of a section of Southern Belt Road (2nd stage) from Balaklavsky pr. to Proletarskz pr.– 2,4 km;

- overpass along Varshavskoye шоссе at the intersection with Balaklavsky prospect – 0,3 km;

- construction of jughandle ramps in the area under overpasses– 1,1 km;

- reconstruction of lateral passages at Varshavskoye highway – 1,1 km;

- construction of protective walls for a future tunnel in the underbridge overpass of Varshavskoye highway;

- construction of a ramp from Kotlyarovskaya Str. to the Southern Belt Road;

- organization of road pockets at public transport stops;

- construction of a water pipe at the intersection with Chertanovka river;

- construction of the underground and overground pedestrian crossings;

- construction of traffic lights;

- construction and reconstruction of engineering communications (water supply, sewage, rainwater drainage, exterior lighting, power supply, heat networks).

Planned date of putting into operation – 3rd quarter of 2017.