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16 January 2017

Reconstruction of Vasilisa Kozhina street

General Directorate Centre has won an open tender for provision managing company services, as well as design and survey works for the object « Reconstruction of Vasilisa Kozhina street».

According to the information of the press-service of the Construction department of Moscow, the work will be carried out within the overall framework of development of the city’s road network. Total area of roads and sidewalks, awaiting reconstruction, is about 2.5 hectares. The projected section of the highway passes through the territory with the large volume of underground communications and quite a tense traffic of the municipal transport. It was decided to reconstruct and expand Vasilisa Kozhina street and its intersection with Shelepikhinskaya embankment. The roadway will get an extra lane. There will also be traffic lay-bys and connections to the volleyball center and apartments area (that are currently built), for which General Directorate Centre also performs managing company services. Besides, the plans include connection of Vasilisa Kozhina street with Promyshlenny passage via a small tunnel under Barklaya str.

In addition, Vasilisa Kozhina street will become more accessible for people with physical disabilities  - through tactile signs, ramps, elevators, convenient approach ramps, handrails as well as informative traffic signs for the visually impaired. Sidewalks will have a different slope and width. Besides, all the window blocks along the street will be replaced.

At the end of the works the territory will be landscaped with flower beds, benches and decorative litter bins.