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09 September 2014

New Project: Reconstruction of Volokolamskoye highway from the Moscow Ring Road to Leningradskoye highway, with construction of a transport interchange at the intersection of Volokolamskoye highway with Proezd Stratonavtov (North-Western district of Mosco

According to the perspective scheme of highways in the General Plan of development of Moscow till 2025, Volokolamskoye highway and the Moscow Ring Road are considered highways of the city-wide importance. Reconstruction of the transport interchange is made in the framework of the complex reconstruction of outbound routes within the Moscow Ring Road. It is considered as one of the elements of city-wide program of road construction in the capital.

Based on the planning concept, the traffic on the highway will be reorganized  with 5 lanes in each direction and dedicated lanes for public transport along all the highway. The plan includes construction of off-street pedestrian crossings and reconstruction of all the existing pedestrian crossings, as well as side driveways along all the overpasses. Implementation of the plan will lead to improvement of traffic in the North-Western part of the city and, in particular, will better transit transportation along Moscow Ring Road, improve transfer of passengers between different means of transport, and will provide a safe intersection of pedestrian and transport flows at Volokolamskoye  highway.

Major technical and economic parameters:

- Reconstruction of the main course of the Volokolamskoye highway (length 1.75 km) with construction of a transit overpass by Tushino metro station (length 523 m) with organization of 5 lanes in each direction;

- construction of the two new pedestrian crossings and reconstruction of one existing crossing;

- new construction and reconstruction of the engineering communications (sewerage, water drainage, water supply, communication networks, power lines, ATCS);

- of the new road along planned passage 5219 (length 250 m).

The planned period of commissioning - October 2015.