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05 June 2014

New Project - Reconstruction of the railroad bridge over Rusakovskaya Str.

General Directorate Centre has concluded a state contract for construction and services of technical customer, related to reconstruction of the railroad bridge over Rusakovskaya Str., located at Sokolniki district, Eastern Moscow and Krasnoselsky district, Central Moscow. The site for planned construction is located between Rusakovskaya, Lesnoryadskaya and Zhebrunova streets, on the border of Central and Eastern administrative districts of Moscow.

The overpass, subject to reconstruction, is located at the 2-nd km of road from Moscow Kazanskaya railway road, nearby Mitkovo station at the intersection of railroad with Rusakovskaya str. It was built in 1896 and consists of three tracks, located under the metal spans. Previous reconstruction of the overpass was made in 1993.

The goal of reconstruction is aimed at increasing of traffic capacities of Rusakovskaya and Zhebrunova streets, liquidation of a bottleneck at Rusakovskaya str., and improving speed traffic between the Central and Eastern districts of the capital.

After the reconstruction length of the путепровода will increase from 33 to 74,3 meters. Works will also include construction of a second span of the existing overpass, and remodelling of certain construction elements.

The construction project will also include the following:
  • Reconstruction of Rusakovskaya Str. with new installation of tramway road under the railway overpass;
  • laying and reconstruction of engineering networks and communications: water supply, sewerage and rain drainage, electricity, outdoor lighting, communication networks;
  • reconstruction of overhead wiring for tramways and trolleys;
  • beautification and landscaping