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25 March 2014

New objects of engineering infrastructure: transport interchange at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road with Leninsky Prospect and reconstruction of Varshavskoye highway

On March 24 2014 г. ZAO General Directorate Centre has concluded two state contracts for services of technical supervision on the project of Reconstruction of Varshavskoye highway (from pr. 728 to bypass road to Podolsk), including transport interchange with the bypass road. Area of the project includes districts Severnoye Butovo, Yuzhnoye Butovo of South-Western administrative districts of Moscow, and town of Scherbinka, Novomoskovsky administrative district of Moscow.

The project includes construction of an overpass, tunnel at the intersection with a bypass road, leading to Podolsk, transport interchange at the intersection with Marshala Savitskogo Str. (length 4 km), двух underground pedestrian crossings. According to the plans, the project will be commissioned in 2016.

Within the second project General Directorate Centre will be responsible for construction of a transport interchange at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road with Leninsky prospect, North-Western,  Western and Novomoskovsky districts of Moscow (first class transport interchange).

In particular, works will include reconstruction of the Moscow Ring Road (5,5 km), certain parts of Kievskoye highway and Leninsky prospect, construction of 4  overpasses, road tunnel, side driveways by Kievskoye highway, directional and turning ramps, directed to and from Moscow Ring Road.

The planned period of commissioning - 2015.