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08 May 2019

New object: Multifunctional complex at Ryazansky Av., 6A

In April 2019, the team of General Directorate Center joined a construction project for a multifunctional complex in the southeast of the Moscow, at Ryazansky Av., 6A.

According to the contract, General Directorate Center performs functions of a technical customer for the design, construction, commissioning and transfer of an object and associated engineering networks and structures to the managing organization.

The complex will consist of three buildings connected by small bridges: two residential 15-floor buildings with 500 apartments, a one-floor non-residential building between them, and an underground single-level parking for 177 cars.

One of the most noticeable features of the project is a green and landscaped area on the roof of the non-residential building, with and sports and kids recreation facilities. Residents can reach the roof both from the street and through the "bridges", located at the level of the second floor of residential buildings.

Premises at the ground floor are intended for shops, beauty salons and cafes.

Planned commissioning of the facility is 2021.