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21 December 2015

General Directorate Centre implements Latista, information and quality control system, at its St. Nickolas project

Within the scope of St. Nickolas project, marked by the International Property Awards as the Best Project in Renovation in Russia and Europe for 2014-2015, we will perform a scientific renovation of facades with preservation of the supporting structures for a building, built in 1890–1900 by architect A. F. Meisnerand located at Nikolskaya str., 10/2. As a first residential building in the KItay -Gorod district of Moscow, St. Nickolas is considered areal landmark in the premium real estate  in the city.

One of the main tasks, stated by the project investor to General Directorate Centre (acting as a managing company and construction controller), is to provide an uncompromising level of quality of construction works. For this purpose we made a decision to implement and use in course of the project an information system of control and provision of quality LATISTA, developed in Russia. LATISTA has a an extensive and confirmed history of successful implementation in Russia, the US, Western Europe, and several Asian countries, in particular, for construction of premium class housing.

Timur Felixovich Batkin,

Executive director, General Directorate Centre

General Directorate Centre has a vast practical experience in organization of construction control and attentively tracks the advanced technologies in this field. We aim at fulfillment of ever-increasing investors’ demands to quality of construction. We have decided to use the LATISTA, the system of management and quality control, for St. Nickolas projects. We first got acquainted with the system in 2013 году and since then constantly tracked its development. The system has worked well in other projects in Moscow, has received positive feedback from other players in the industry, and all that served as a basis for our final selection. As of now we are actively implementing the system in St. Nickolas project. This provides us with an additional possibility to analyze the existing business processes of construction control and identify areas, requiring changes. We also consider a possibility to use the system in another project  - road and bridge construction. Having this system of management and quality control (out most important functions) at hand, we are developing succesfully and confidently look into the future.



Cloud mobile information system

LATISTA is a safe, mobile product for construction, based on cloud technologies. It allows a significant financial economy due to reduction of costs of rework and corrections, as well  as compliance with the schedules due to timely made corrections. This automated system assists us in the processes of construction control, labor safety and control, commissioning of the facilities, management of project documentation at the construction siteand office. LATISTA turns a tablet into a standalone universal tool for any engineer, working at the construction site. The flexible and customizable analytical module of LATISTA allows users to create reports in accordance with the requirements of the company, organizing the interaction between all the participants, helps in systematization of processes of registration and correction of drawbacks, and assists in inspection of quality of works.