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08 July 2010

New Project of the Multi-Functional complex in the centre of Moscow (Parizhskaya Kommuna)

ZAO General Directorate Centre will act as the Managing Company in the project of construction of a multi-functional complex at Shluzovaya embankment, estate 4/2.

Based on the regulations of the Moscow City Government, the territory of the Moscow shoemaking factory Parizhskaya Kommuna will be reconstructed. According to the project, the new multi-functional complex will have a rich infrastructure and will cover an area of 29 thousand square meters.

The project will include construction of office premises, a hotel, a conference hall, a fitness and recreational centre, shops, cafes and two levels of underground parking.

The complex will be situated on a land area of 0.79 ha. The ground area of the multi-functional complex will be more than 17 thousand square meters. The office area will exceed 11.7 thousand square meters, and the apartment hotel will be around 1.6 thousand square meters. The area of the fitness premises will be around 440 square meters and shops and retail outlets will be situated on around 1 thousand square meters. The underground part of the complex (over 12 thousand square meters) will accommodate a parking for 256 cars.

Investor-Owner- ZAO Moscow Shoemaking Factory 'Parizhskaya Kommuna'

Managing Company- ZAO General Directorate Centre. Process is supervised by Deputy General Director A.I. Leonov

Primary Contractor- INA Progress, General Director V.A. Verenya.

General Planner- ZAO MATs, Chief Project Architect V.T.Kolotilin