The Ensemble of Martha and Mary Convent of Mercy

Address: Bolshaya Ordynka str., 34, building 5, 6, 13

Completed in: 2008

Cultural and Entertainment Centre Moskovit, under the guidance of I. Kobzon

Gross Area: 13,500 square meters

Completed in: 2002

Centre of Speech Pathology and Neuro-Rehabilitation

Address: Nikoloyamskaya str., estate 18/24

Gross Area: 23,000 square meters

Occupancy: 400 parients

Completed in: 2009

Dom Zhurnalista

Address: Nikitsky blvd, 8/3

Completed in: 2002

Ekaterininsky park

Address: Suvorovskaya square

Gross Area: 16 hectares

A.V. Suvorov Memorial Complex

Address: Suvorovskaya square, estate 2

Gross Area: 24 square meters

Completed in: 2010

Museum of Retro Automobiles

Address: Malaya Trubetskaya str., estate 1

Gross Area: 7,280 square meters

Completed in: 2008


Social and rehabilitation centre for veterans

Address: Bolshaya Ekaterininskaya str., estate 26

Gross Area: 7,730 square meters

Completed in: 2004

Sports and health centre for veterans

Address: Olympiyskiy prospect, 7

Completed in: 2001

Theatre under guidance of A.B. Gradsky

Address: Koroviy Val str., 3, building 1

Gross area: 8500 square meters

Completed in: 2012

Church of Mikhail the Archangel in Putilkovo village

Address:  Putilkovo, Krasnogorskiy district,  Moscow Region

Gross Area: 3,973 square meters

To be completed in: 2014

The temple of the Moscow Society for Krishna Consciousness

Address: Vereskino Village, Novoshodnenskoe Shosse, Moscow

Gross Area: 12,300 square meters

To be completed in: 2014


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