Preliminary stage
  • Participation in formulation of the overall project concept.
  • Coordination of activities on analysis of the construction area and collection of the necessary primary information.
  • Organization of the necessary geologic, geodesic, ecological, radiological, archaeological, historical and other studies.
  • Organization of the necessary inspection of buildings, constructions and structures in the future construction area.
  • Analysis of availability of engineering utilities and social infrastructure around the construction area.
  • Analysis of transport accessibility.
  • Preparation and coordination of the project technical and technological assignment with participants.
  • Preparation and performance of bids for project engineering services, including assessment of participants’ qualifications and participation in assessment of tender proposals.
  • Obtaining of urban planning conclusion for the construction from relevant authorities.
  • Preparation and reconciliation of a pre-project (architectural) booklet with the relevant authorities.
  • Preparation and reconciliation of documents necessary for obtaining the Land Use Permit with the  relevant institutions.


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