Construction Stage
  • Preparation of a file of documents necessary for solving property and land ownership issues that may arise in the course of release of the construction area; processing of documents governing land property ownership for the period of construction.
  • Obtaining permits for demolition of existing buildings.
  • Arrangement of resettlement (relocation) and demolition of existing buildings.
  • Organization of re-laying of utility networks from the construction area.
  • Plotting of dendrologic plans and compensatory measures, procurement of approvals for felling and transplantation of greenery.
  • Organization of hydro-technical actions and remediation of soils.
  • Preparation of bidding packages and organization of bids for supply of contracted construction services, including assessment of participants’ qualifications and participation in assessment of tender proposals.
  • Preparation and control of construction process flowcharts.
  • Determination and qualification of the cost of construction works for every stage, creation of construction budgets and execution control.
  • Gradual acceptance of detailed design plans, their transfer to the Primary Contractor.
  • Organization of obtaining of all necessary permits and approvals, including permit for construstion.
  • and controll over transfer of the construction area to the Primary Contractor, control over contents of the area.
  • Organization of technical supervision and control over the construction process.
  • Quality and safety control of works.
  • Control of availability of the necessary licenses, certificates of admission with construction subcontractors, suppliers of equipments, machinery, materials, and constructions.
  • Control of works, gradual acceptance of the executive and production documentation, its formalization and transfetr to the client
  • Organization and control of closing-down of the object in case of  temporary cessation of construction.
  • Organization of the necessary works related to soil and structure monitoring.
  • Interaction with state regulatory and supervisory authorities.

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